Business Beyond Usual

Ross Weekly 11/8/21: Armed Forces Association and VetX

Episode Summary

Hosts Alex, Kevin, and Preston run down the highlights of the happenings at Michigan Ross and in Ann Arbor this week, and they interview special guest James about the Armed Forces Association and its upcoming VetX event.

Episode Notes

Welcome back to our expansion of the Business Beyond Usual concept. Each week, our regular BBU team runs down the top happenings at Michigan Ross and in Ann Arbor for the coming week, and they welcome a special guests. This week, Alex, Kevin, and Preston chat with guest James about his background, his position as the president of the Armed Forces Association, and the AFA's upcoming VetX event.

Check out the BBU “Ross Weekly” today, and watch out for the next full episode of “Business Beyond Usual,” coming soon, focusing on the inside of the admissions process.

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Episode Producers and Hosts: Alex Abrams, Kevin Kou, Preston Hill.

Guest: James Camarda.

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