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#305 - A Chat With MarketSnacks Co-Founder Jack Kramer

Episode Summary

MarketSnacks is a popular daily email newsletter (and now popular daily podcast) that simplifies Wall Street. In this episode, we talk to the co-founder.

Episode Notes

Former Michigan Ross Student Jack Kramer started the popular daily email newsletter MarketSnacks while he was still working in the corporate world, and before starting his MBA at Michigan.

Since then, together with his co-founding partner Nick Martell, Jack has been featured on CBS, CNN, Fortune, Fox Business, Fast Company — and they were both selected to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list this past year for their work on MarketSnacks.

This incredible recognition led to a podcast deal, the podcast led to company growth, and company growth led to us calling up Jack to say “Hey man, let’s have a chat about all this.” So that’s what this episode is.

Also: There’s a lot of talk about Vermont.

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