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#503 - Big-City Attractions, Small-Town Feel: The Appeal of Ann Arbor

Episode Summary

Choosing an MBA program doesn’t just mean choosing a school -- you’re also choosing a place to live for two years. What’s it like to live in Ann Arbor?

Episode Notes

In this episode, hosts Katie and Christina welcome guests Marissa, Varun, and Vivian to discuss their MBA lives in Ann Arbor. Coming from a big coastal city, what’s it like to live in a college town? Hear about what the panelists like about Ann Arbor, their favorite things to do, and advice for prospective students.

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Episode Hosts and Producers: Katie Coleman, Christina Weiberg.

Guests: Marissa Cooper, Varun Joshi, Vivian Lai.

Executive Producers: Jeff Church, Katie Coleman, and Bob Needham.

Producers: Bridget Manning, Christina Weiberg, Varun Joshi, Alex Abrams, Lauren Abuouf, Ifueko Ogbeide, Alex Perrin, Eric Hopfenbeck.

Audio Engineer: Jonah Brockman.

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